Turbine Meter

Turbine Meter Conventional Wafer Type Turbines and NPT Turbines are both an excellent solution for clean liquid measurement. This meter is designed to be easily swapped with similar products. The meter features a rugged 316 stainless steel housing, rotor support assemblies, a CD4MCU stainless steel rotor, and an abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide rotor shaft and journal […]

Coriolis Meter

Coriolis Meter Our Coriolis Meter is a high-precision flow meter that measures the mass flow of liquids and gasses with exceptional accuracy. Using advanced Coriolis technology, this meter can measure flow rates with minimal pressure drop and zero uncertainty. Our Coriolis Meter is built with the highest quality materials and is designed to last. It’s […]

Electronic Gas Flow Meter

Electronic Gas Flow Meter Precision Flow is dedicated to providing top of the line Electronic Flow Metering Solutions. We stock electronic flow meter brands that are widely recognized and trusted throughout the industry, delivering accurate and reliable flow measurements for a variety of applications. Our range of electronic flow meters includes IMV, XIMV, Multivariable Transmitter […]

Cone Meter

Cone Meter As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Cone Meters, we offer a reliable and internationally recognized flow measurement solution. The Cone Meter is designed to meet international standards and provides several advantages over traditional orifice plates. One of the key benefits is the reduced upstream piping requirement, making it a compact and cost-effective […]

Gas Quicksert Turbine

Gas Quicksert Turbine This is a low-cost option for air and gas measurement. The Quicksert is only available in the 2″ wafer design, identical in dimensions to other manufacturers, and can be used with any pulse-drawn totalizer. The QuikSert in-line turbine flow meter was developed for liquid applications where accuracy and dependability are needed. QuikSert’s […]

Wedge Meter

Wedge Meter As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Wedge Meters, we provide a reliable and internationally recognized flow measurement solution for challenging applications. The Wedge Meter is a versatile flow meter for use in slurries, particle-laden applications and highly viscous mediums. With reduced upstream piping requirements and no need for additional flow conditioning, it […]

Barton Pressure Recorder

Barton Pressure Recorder Barton Recorders are a great option if you are looking for a simple and reliable measurement solution. We specialize in reconditioning Barton Recorders to a standard that is equivalent to a new purchase, without the cost. While we do have the ability to provide new units, it is our experience that reconditioned […]

Flow Meters

Flow Meters Quality products delivered without supply chain issues Precision Flow Meters are long-lasting products that handle heavy duty responsibilities with little wear-and-tear. We customize each order to our client’s liking, and a wide variety of options means that you can choose the versatile meter that fits your exact needs. We continue to strive for […]