Meter Tubes

Precision Flow Meter Tubes are built to each client’s unique needs. We offer support throughout all phases of the Meter Tube’s life with services like manufacturing, maintenance, repairs, engineering and design, and more. We pride ourselves on our expertise and manufacturing capabilities to ensure that every assembly is built to the highest standard. Other fabrication shops will piece together parts made by various manufacturers leading to an inconsistent final product, which could be non-code compliant. Our Meter Tubes differ from the competition because we build each element in-house. This guarantees that the product is in compliance with the required codes and ensures that the product you receive is seamlessly manufactured to fit your operations. We take the time to clean, inspect, oil, prep, and coat each assembly before it goes out to our client. The result of this attention to detail and service is a product that is reliable and well maintained, ensuring long term savings for our clients.