Cone Meter

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Cone Meters, we offer a reliable and internationally recognized flow measurement solution. The Cone Meter is designed to meet international standards and provides several advantages over traditional orifice plates. One of the key benefits is the reduced upstream piping requirement, making it a compact and cost-effective choice for flow measurement applications. There is no need for additional flow conditioning devices with the Cone Meter, saving you time and resources.

Maintenance becomes a thing of the past with our Cone Meter. It features a robust design with no moving parts, ensuring long-term reliability and minimal downtime. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where maintenance is challenging or impractical.

The Cone Meter excels in accurately measuring clean fluids or gasses. Its unique design creates a pressure differential that allows for precise flow measurement. Our team can seamlessly integrate the Cone Meter into meter tubes, providing an efficient flow measurement solution tailored to your needs.

As experts in flow measurement engineering, we offer comprehensive engineering design services for Cone Meters. Whether you require assistance with installation, sizing, or calibration, our experienced team is here to support you at every step. Additionally, we have the flexibility to package Cone Meters into small skids if required. This allows for easy installation and integration into your existing systems, streamlining the flow measurement process.

Our Cone Meter is not only the cost-effective choice for flow measurement but also reliable and accurate in its application. As the OEM of the meter, we’re more than capable to aid you in everything from installation to calibration.

Roto-Boss Meter Run

Accurate, safe, and easy to operate, Precision Flow’s patented Roto-Boss meter run is designed with to have between two and five different orifice plate selections that are easily changeable for measuring gas. Users can switch plates in seconds without opening the orifice changer, which reduces the potential for user error and the potential exposure to harmful gasses or pressures. Precision Flow’s Auto-Boss also adds remote management capabilities to the Roto-Boss. The Auto-Boss connects to SCADA Systems to execute automated, remote plate changes – no trips to the field required.